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Honor your special sorority sister with our big sister, little sister gifts at Greek Gear. Shop our collection of big and little shirts with clever slogans like "Keep calm and call my little (or big)." Buy her a T-shirt that reads: "I (heart) my big sister" or "I (heart) my little sister." Make it a custom shirt by including your chapter's letters.

One of our big sellers is the two-piece heart charm set. It's actually two charms. One half of the heart is engraved with the words "big sis," while the other half-heart piece is engraved with "lil sis." We carry necklace chains in different lengths to complete this favorite gift.

You can also customize matching iPhone cases with your names and Greek letters. The clever design of this pair of phone cases creates a heart shape when placed next to each other. Shop little sister gifts ranging from Greek towels, lavaliers and flip-flops to picture frames, sticky notes, keepsake boxes and paper weights. There's no better way to thank your big, or delight your little.

Our little sister/big sister sorority gifts are a fabulous way to welcome Rush Week recruits. Travel with your big or little in matching hoodies or sweatshirts. Shop our gorgeous lavalier pendants, and choose two that you both will wear on special occasions. Then buy matching lavaliers for your moms. It's a special Mother's Day present from each of you. If you've got a baby sister at home, make her an honorary little sister with a lil sis gift just for her.

Heading off on that Spring Break getaway? Buy your sorority mentor a pair of our premium Greek-letter sunglasses with matching Greek-lettered Croakie or Greek flip-flops that match yours. Find hundreds of way to celebrate your special relationship with a big sis or little sis with our Greek wear and accessories.

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