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If you've been repeating the phrase "Keep calm and call my big" ever since you joined your sorority, you might owe her a little something special. Your big helped you acclimate to sorority life and maybe even talked you through a few rough patches, acting as a mentor all along the way. Greek Gear's selection of big sister gifts are made to be customized with your sorority's letters, symbols and colors, perfect to play off your best sister's unique style. Sorority T-shirts, clothing, jewelry and tons of other items make the best mementos to honor your big. Lettered apparel, including T-shirts, hoodies, hats, polos and tank tops will have your best sister feeling spoiled. She deserves it, after all the things she's done for you. If you're already the best of friends, get your big one of Greek Gear's matching big little gifts, like custom iPhone cases or a two-piece heart charm. That way, you get to keep something for yourself and give her something too. There's no better way to show your loyalty to each other than with these matching, lettered trinkets. If your big is the laid back type, get her a pair of flip-flops marked with your sorority's letters. Available in a wide range of styles, including rhinestone and polka dot, your big will be pleased to rock her letters from head to toe in these comfortable sandals. No set of sorority sister gifts would be complete without picture frames, paperweights or note cards. Your big sister will be proud to display a wooden frame on her desk with your letters and an inscription that reads "I love my big sister." All you have to do is narrow down your favorite picture together and stick it in this thoughtful, customized frame. Greek Gear has all the best big sis gifts for your sorority mentor, so browse through our selection to get some ideas.