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Greek Letter Shirts - Sorority letter shirts - Fraternity letter Shirts

Emblazon your sorority or fraternity letters everywhere with our terrific collection of Greek-letter shirts, flip-flops, shorts, jewelry and gifts. We carry the biggest selections and lowest prices.

The 4-inch twill letters that decorate our world-famous Greek Gear hoodies are the universally recognized symbols for sorority and fraternity houses worldwide. Sisters and brothers alike love our diverse selection of fraternity shirts and sorority letters shirts.

Shop vintage-inspired designs like the Greek Letterman Hoodie and the Vintage Tail Greek Hoodie. Customize either with funky vintage lettering.

The history of using Greek letters to identify a fraternity dates back to the 18th century in America. After the first fraternity was created at a very young Williamsburg, Virginia, other fraternities and later sororities followed suit.

Higher education was steeped in the classics, and the study of Greek and Latin was accorded high status. The first fraternities with members who shared a love for intellectual pursuits adopted Greek letters. We carry the most styles in long-sleeve and short-sleeve Greek-letter T-shirts. Our Greek Letterman twill long tee shows off vintage-inspired fonts. Our twill Name on Back tee can be customized with your Greek letters up front and your name or nickname on back. Choose one color combination for you and another for a big or little sister. Our camouflage twill T-shirt is designed with camo-inspired twill letters set against your choice of background color for maximum contrast. Shop our shorts and sweatpants with Greek-letter flourishes.

We can help you show off your house with our Greek-letter tote bags, umbrellas, stationery, women's jewelry and men's accessories. Browse our hats, ties, blankets and towels.

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$40 Lettered Greek Hoodie
$40 Lettered Greek Hoodie
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$30 Greek Crewneck
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Fraternity & Sorority Greek Twill Letters
There's no clearer way to send a message of pride than with bold, lettered Greek apparel. Your letters are everything - they represent a long legacy of pride and friendship - and our sorority and fraternity lettered clothing strives to honor that. Eac...
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Greek Letter Shirts