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Greek Fraternity and Sorority Paddles and Awards

When you need to reward your sisters or brothers, turn to Greek Gear, which has a wide assortment of Greek paddles including fraternity paddles and sorority paddles, which can be personalized. We offer paddles with Greek lettering, paddles with your crest and colors, mirrored paddles, purely wooden paddles as well as engraved paddles. We also offer awards you can design, Greek gavel plaques and gavels, fraternity and sorority pen sets, keepsake boxes, wooden symbol plaques and Divine Nine wall plaques.

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The Greek community has many principles and traditions that have long-been part of Greek life. One of the most important traditions is mentorship. When a big brother or sister takes a new member under their wing, they offer valuable insight to not only the organization, but also college life and the community as a whole. It is a long-held tradition for little brothers and sisters to show their appreciation by presenting a paddle. At Greek Gear, we understand the importance of the tradition and offer an extensive selection of top-quality paddles and awards in a variety of sizes and styles.To show your gratitude to a big brother or sister, we carry a variety of paddles in different shapes and sizes. Available for most organizations, our paddles are crafted with high-quality walnut, oak or red alder and have their own unique features. Whether you'd like a color decal or a laser engraving of your crest, our selection of Greek paddles includes both — one of many design choices. We also carry oversized giant paddles and mirrored paddle. No matter what type of paddle you prefer, each one is original and features the best quality of materials and craftsmanship.Unoriginal, generic paddles and awards have no personalized touch, so many of our paddles and awards offer plenty of space for custom engravings. In addition, we also offer a create-your-own paddle feature, allowing you to choose your design, clip art, colors, personalized text and more. We also carry an extensive selection of awards. Whether you are recognizing an officer or congratulating a newly rushed member, our elegant awards are lifelong keepsakes. At Greek Gear, we understand the importance of Greek traditions, so we offer items you'll be proud to give or honored to receive.

Greek Paddles & Fraternity & Sorority Greek Awards

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Greek Paddles & Fraternity & Sorority Greek Awards