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Fundraising time is pretty much all year long when you're running a chapter of a Greek organization. We're happy to help you out with fraternity or sorority fundraising programs and offerings that you can use to get the money you need to get things done.

When you have the team on your side, fundraising can be a really fulfilling and fun task for you and your fellow members. One simple idea is to take an order for customized Greek Gear from each member. We'll give you a great bulk rate on some popular items that will allow you to make a nice profit for the chapter. Do this with hoodies, sweatshirts, t-shirts, polos, shorts, flip flops and more. Ask the Greek Gear team for help with this. If you apply for the Campus Rep program, you'll receive an affiliate link that will allow your chapter to make a percentage of every sale you send directly to the site.

Another idea is to get permission to sell popular merchandise and gifts at major fraternity and sorority events, like step shows, regional conferences and parties. And of course, you can throw your own fundraising event and invite every Greek you know on campus and beyond. Don't forget to tell your family -- think of how much mom and dad support your efforts at school. We've partnered with a couple of fundraising companies to give you even more options for raising money at school.

Make sure you subscribe with your email address to sign up for FREE sorority and fraternity fundraising ideas and exclusive messages. Contact the Greek Gear team at 866-473-3543, via email or on Live Chat with any questions about fundraising activities. We want to help you and your group succeed at raising the cash you need for the upcoming school year and beyond!

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