Zeta Tau Alpha Stationery, Pens & PencilsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

You may be surprised by how much you will use your Zeta Tau Alpha Stationery, Pens and Pencils from Greek Gear. There will be no more need to go scrambling for a piece of paper to write down a phone number or important information.

It's so easy for an idea to pass you by when you don't have something that you can write it down on. You won't have that problem anymore when you have a Peace Memo Pad in your purse. When you're writing your wish list to Santa, you need plenty of room, so write it on the Chevron Long Notepad. It's longer than the average notepad and is bordered by pretty hearts and floral images. If you prefer the shorter version of this page, see the short 5.5-inch Chevron Notepad.

Write all of your impromptu love notes to your boyfriend on the heart shaped Mascot Sticky Notes pad. He'll immediately know who it's from when he sees the crown on the side next to your Greek letters. The Zeta Tau Alpha tag also appears at the bottom of the standard Mascot Notepad, which is designed with vertical stripes.

You can add Zeta Tau Alpha colors and symbols to just about every part of your life -- even the stuff you write with. Get sorority stationery, pens and pencils at a great price here at Greek Gear.