Top Selling Sigma Lambda Gamma ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

It's easy to shop for your Greek Gear when you have everything categorized neatly, just like a brick and mortar department store. We've created a Sigma Lambda Gamma online store and this is the department where you'll find our top selling SLG sorority items.

If you want something that just about every member across the country probably owns, order the 3 Color Sigma Lambda Gamma Lettered T-Shirt. It's the classic crossing tee with your choice of three different colors (purple, pink and white are a common combination for SLG members). If you want a cheap (but well-made) sorority t-shirt check out the Gamma Crest Patch T-Shirt. It costs just over $10 and comes in a variety of colors.

If you really want to make your presence known on campus during recruitment season, get yourself a set of screen printed recruitment tees in different colors. The messages printed on these shirts include "Teach Me How to Sigma Lambda Gamma," "SLG The Best Place to Flourish" and more sayings that express your sorority "team spirit."

Just about everything that you'll need for Greek life in the semester ahead can be found in our collection Top Selling Sigma Lambda Gamma Items. You can find even more great merchandise by browsing the well-categorized Greek Gear main menu.