Top Selling Sigma Alpha ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

There are both sorority needs and wants listed in this section featuring our Top Selling Sigma Alpha Items. Our merchandise for Sigma Alpha members includes bags for school, shirts to wear to athletic events and covers for your cellphone.

Wear a Long Sleeved World Famous Crest T-Shirt when you're in the garden picking weeds. It's made of cool light fabric yet will keep your arms amply covered. The Sigma Alpha diamond emblem is imprinted on the back while your letters appear on the front. Try this shirt in gold with words and symbols in green.

Get the Custom License Plate Frame so that you'll have something cute to hang above your desk or on your door at school. It will help motivate you to get your driver's license and first car while at college. You'll love how your smartphone looks with the Peace Love and Sigma Alpha cover on it. It's personalizable, so a name, date or personal motto can be added to the bottom.

Click through the Greek Gear catalog and take some of these Top Selling Sigma Alpha Items with you to use during the school year. We offer reliable, affordable and fast ground shipping to colleges throughout the United States.