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If you're new to shopping for Greek Gear, whether it's a gift for yourself for another person, this page populated with our Top Selling Items is a great place to start. This section displays merchandise designed for Phi Kappa Theta members.
Gift shopping for a Phi Kap member? Pretty much any item you buy from this page is going to be a hit with him -- the products sold here include sweatshirts, like the Lettered Crewneck and athletic t-shirts, like the Lettered Raglan Tee. The more chapter members wear these shirts on campus, the more visibility the fraternity will have ahead of recruitment season.
Then there's the irresistible Rugby Shirt, with its dark and light stripes. The one we have pictured for Phi Kaps is maroon and white with a crisp white collar. It looks awesome with a pair of light-colored khakis. The Flatbill Snapback also comes in maroon, or you can go with a neutral color pairing like heather and black with your letters in a contrasting thread color.
Our top Phi Kappa Theta customers and their loved ones come to this page year after year to find the Top Selling Items in the Greek Gear catalog. Come back often to see what we have in store for you and your fellow fraternity brothers.