If you're ready to load up on new para for the year, this page of Top Selling Delta Phi Items is a good place to start. We've compiled the best sellers based on which items are consistently purchased by members every year. Want something to wear to your next party that will make you the center of attention? Get a brand new Flatbill Snapback and wear it just slightly the side. It doesn't matter what else you're wearing, this will be the attention-getter. It comes with the option to change the font style (the font shown in the featured photo is Times) thread color and color of the hat. An authenticity sticker is on the brim -- some people choose to leave it on. You'll make a small investment in a Lettered Crewneck that will pay off many times in the future, while you're in college and after you graduate from school. It is a durable and colorful sweatshirt that can be used in place of a light jacket. Even if you don't wear it, you can tie it around your waist and your bold Greek letters will still be visible. As you may expect, our selection of Top Selling Delta Phi Items rearranges and updates regularly, so please keep the page bookmarked. Visit us again soon!

Top Selling Delta Phi ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Delta Phi Greek Letter American Flag Tee
As low as: $14.95
Delta Phi Greek Letter Anoraks
As low as: $40.00
Delta Phi Color Oval Decal
As low as: $5.50
Delta Phi Ceramic Stein
As low as: $30.00
Delta Phi Keepsake Box

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