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Alpha Omicron Pi Hair Clips
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DISCOUNT Alpha Omicron Pi Lettered Tee
5 star rating2 reviews
Alpha Omicron Pi Align T-Shirt
As low as: $9.95
Alpha Omicron Pi Cross Bar Necklace
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Alpha Omicron Pi Expandable Bracelet
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Alpha Omicron Pi World Famous Line Hat
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Alpha Omicron Pi Mascot Round Decals
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Alpha Omicron Pi Long Window Decals Stickers
4 star rating1 review
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Alpha Omicron Pi Chrome License Plate Frames
5 star rating5 reviews
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I'm an AOPI Kind of Guy Tee
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Alpha Omicron Pi Mascot Sticky Notes
As low as: $4.50
Alpha Omicron Pi New Pens
As low as: $1.50
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A lot of collegiate members go for the Rain Boots because of their usefulness (especially if you go to school in an area that gets a lot of precipitation) and bright color. There's no doubt that you'll be noticed when you walk into class with these red boots decorated with white AOII Greek letters. For something that's a bit more discreet but yet still eye-catching, order yourself a Mascot Keychain. It's shaped and colored like a red jacqueminot rose.

Your fellow members across the country also love the Custom Twill Hooded Sweatshirt. Hoodies are common attire for busy college students who spend more time in the library than in their dorm rooms. You might also want to grab a pair of Mascot Flip Flops for those days when you don't feel like lacing up your sneakers.

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