Top Selling Alpha Kappa Lambda ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

There are a few standout products in the Greek Gear catalog that everyone loves. We've decided to set them aside in this section titled and featuring Top Selling Alpha Kappa Lambda Items.
Our Greek apparel consistently makes our list of top selling items. See the 3 Color Twill Hooded Sweatshirt up close -- it has not one but two border colors to really make your letters pop. We've given you two examples to view, including a purple hoodie with gold, purple and white letters. You can even make each letter a different color if you'd like. You are going to want to wear this sweatshirt everywhere you go, whether it's to the campus dining hall or just outside to get the paper.
Another item that flies off the shelves is the Discount Paddle. It's a simple and affordable paddle that you can decorate with stickers if you want (see the Stickers and Decal section for options). This is a gift that's commonly given to brand new initiates or their big brothers.
We are confident that you'll find something amazing on this page of Top Selling Alpha Kappa Lambda Items. You can also find more Greek Gear options by navigating the main menu for AKL members.