You take pride in being a Theta Tau fraternity member, so of course you'll want to express that pride in your ride by getting car merchandise and license plate frames designed at Greek Gear.

When you shop at you can count on getting a great value for your money. The Custom License Plate Frame is one in-demand item for your vehicle that will be kind to your wallet. In addition to being decorated and designed with your dark red and gold fraternity colors in mind, it provides a panel at the bottom for personalized text.

If you're going to take some photos with your new car for social media, be sure to put your Theta Tau license plate cover on it first. In the comments, everyone is going to want to know what those colors and letters mean. Car plate covers and frames for Greeks can also be used to add unique décor to your apartment or dorm bedroom.

Being a part of a fraternity in college is an exciting experience that will always stay with you. The off-campus social gatherings, the rides to community service projects on Saturdays, and the road trips will all create enduring memories. Increase the chance that you'll meet as many fellow Theta Taus and other Greeks along the way by ordering eye-catching merchandise for your car, truck, or Jeep.

Theta Tau Car Merchandise & License Plate FramesThe Greatest Selection. Period.