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The Theta Chi motto is "An Assisting Hand" -- a testament to your commitment to service. Let us give you a hand today with Rush and Recruitment Merchandise. These are important items to have on hand to attract the best freshmen to your organization.

If you want the best new recruits, you have to go all out and make the recruitment experience amazing. Let us help you accomplish that with Fraternity Rush gear designed especially for your organization and chapter. We have just about everything you can think of, including customized cups, promotional t-shirts, hats banners, signs and balloons for your parties.

To look unified at your next outdoor gathering with PNMs, get a hat for each member of the chapter. Our Custom Embroidered Hats come with a variety of options, including multiple thread colors, hat colors and images -- just order a minimum of 12 for a really awesome deal. Order a box of short sleeved tees featuring your most important fraternity information. Welcome interests to your events or home with a large red Greek Letter 3 x 5 Flag. It can be customized with your chapter name or motto.

This will be the best rush season ever, you have to believe that wholeheartedly and it will be a reality. Getting the right Theta Chi Rush and Recruitment Merchandise is a crucial part of achieving that goal!

Theta Chi Rush & Recruitment MerchandiseThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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