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It's no surprise that these Theta Chi Paddles and Picture Frames are among our top sellers. They are made of fine wood and have your important fraternity info engraved on the front (and back in some cases).

Some fraternity members and chapters like to set up trophy cases or displays containing meaningful paraphernalia. The centerpiece of many Greek displays is a gorgeous wooden paddle, like the Giant Greek Paddle, sized at 30" (2.5 feet) or the Custom Full Color Paddle. They can be personalized for the chapter and passed down from generation to generation.

Individual members also appreciate getting paddle as gifts, especially bigs and littles. In fact, there's a Deluxe Paddle on this page that has a space reserved for the lil bro and big bro name, along with other important info like the date and chapter name. Other wooden items you can order here are picture frames and treasure boxes with a place for a special photo of the member or the entire group.

Make the fraternity guy in your life a happy man by ordering Theta Chi Paddles and Picture Frames from Greek Gear. Keep in mind that you can design your own custom items if you'd like, with unique images and sayings.

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