If diamonds are a girl's best friend, a nice watch is a fraternity man's best bud. Find timepieces and more in this listing of Theta Chi Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches designed for members of your distinguished group.

If the only piece of jewelry you have at this point is a pin from your pinning ceremony, it's time to change that. There are several items that every Theta Chi should have on his dresser, like a pair of Color Crest or Silver Crest Cuff links for your dress shirts. They look amazing sticking out from your suit jacket. And don't forget to pick up an appropriate watch to fit your style, like the Greek Classic Wristwatch or Admiral Watch (this one can be imprinted with your first and last name).

If you have a sweetheart on campus, present her with a traditional lavaliere charm and necklace that displays your letters in a vertical design. And when you're just hanging out with your friends having All-American college fun, throw on a Crest Dog Tag -- it's a simple way to wear your letters when you're not wearing a fraternity tee.

Every fraternity man should have at least one distinctive piece of jewelry. Take a look through our selection of Theta Chi Jewelry, Rings, Cufflinks & Watches to find something you really like.

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