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These Theta Chi Polos and Oxfords will make you look like a proper fraternity man. They are must-haves for chapter heads, board members delegates who must attend important meetings for the organization.

You know by now that fraternity life is more than just fun times -- you've got to handle plenty of business affairs, including charitable initiatives, fundraising and regional meetings. What you wear makes a difference, which is why shirts like the Classic Oxford are so popular with Theta Chi members. It's a relaxed fitting shirt that fits right into the requirements for business casual.

Other shirts that fit the bill include the Long Sleeve Oxford, a button-down collared shirt, which you can get in white or red, and the cotton Emblem Long Sleeve Polo with a "silk touch." Both pair up nicely with belted khakis or dress pants. There's also a Camp Shirt to wear to special outings, like fishing trips with your brothers and friends. If you want even more options, click the "Fraternity Clothing" link to see what else we have in store.

You can have it all when you shop Greek Gear, including casual clothes and semi-formal or business wear. Take a moment to order a few Theta Chi Polos and Oxfords to add to your closet for the year ahead.

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