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Tau Epsilon Phi Euro Decal Oval Sticker
As low as: $2.95
Tau Epsilon Phi Crest - Shield Decal
As low as: $3.75
Tau Epsilon Phi Lettered Tee - $14.95!
5 star rating2 reviews
As low as: $8.50
DISCOUNT Tau Epsilon Phi Lettered Long sleeve
4 star rating2 reviews
Tau Epsilon Phi Lavaliere
As low as: $18.99
Tau Epsilon Phi Discount Paddle
As low as: $27.50
Tau Epsilon Phi Lettered Camouflage Hat
As low as: $11.99
Tau Epsilon Phi Pack-N-Go Pullover
As low as: $34.95
Tau Epsilon Phi Greek Letter Anoraks
As low as: $42.00
Tau Epsilon Phi Color Oval Decal
As low as: $4.29
Tau Epsilon Phi Flag Decal Sticker
As low as: $4.29
Tau Epsilon Phi Sweatshirt Blanket
As low as: $21.95
Tau Epsilon Phi Fanny Pack
As low as: $10.00
At Greek Gear, we understand that you're a busy college student, and that's magnified when you're also Greek. These Tau Epsilon Phi Easy to Order - Made Fast items are perfect for members who are short on time and just need some good looking paraphernalia for the semester ahead.

With so much to do in an average week, it's easy to forget to order the items you and your fraternity will need for upcoming events, meetings and social gatherings. When you order from this section, you'll have a quick ordering experience -- just add it to your cart and check out. We're also able to offer discounted prices on many of these items, so they fit right into your budget.

Our collection of Made Fast items includes t-shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, stickers, license plate frames and other stuff for your car. There's also jewelry and items you can hang up in your chapter house for decoration.

Add the Tau Epsilon Phi Easy to Order - Made Fast items you want to your cart and we'll get to work on your order ASAP. You can be in and out in about 15 minutes. Let the GreekGear.com team know if you need some assistance.