When you're fully settled into your position as a proud Tau Delta Phi, a purchase of a custom fraternity paddle is a must. We have both Wooden Paddles and Picture Frames for Tau Delts.
You can place a good looking paddle just about anywhere in your dorm room, whether it's on the back of your door or hanging from the headboard. We offer a Design Your Own Custom Greek Paddles link where you can select the paddle shape, images and text to be engraved on the paddle. We also have a library of clip art that you can use to add symbols of importance. There's an option for some styles to add a leather strap to the handle for hooking to a wall.
The same is true for a quality wooden picture frame -- you can add your favorite fraternity photo and hang it on your wall or position it on your desk to glance at while you're studying. Seeing those fond memories in front of you can be inspiring when you're at work.
We need some time to custom craft your Tau Delta Phi Paddles and Picture Frames, but if you need them in a rush, there are expedited options available. Let us know if you have questions about a custom order!

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