You're an official member now. The time has come for you to adorn your beloved automobile with custom gear made for your special sorority. We carry everything from license plate frames to front plate covers to decals for your windows. Tau Beta Sigma Car Merchandise & License Plate Frames will make your ride stand out from the crowd when you're driving or cruising the streets on or off campus.

Let everyone on campus know that you're a proud new member of the sorority that's "for greater bands" when you drive to class with brand new Tau Beta Sigma car stuff on your vehicle. Place a Custom License Plate Frame over each of your plates, or display the Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal on your driver's side window.

When was the last time you and your fellow sorority members took a good old-fashioned road trip? When you're 20ish and in college, you're freer to experience life to its fullest, including visiting new places. When you go, make sure you have a Large Greek Color Crest Decal on your back window, or a TBSigma Lettered License Cover on the front of your car. It's the first thing other Greeks will notice when you ride into town.

Personalize your order and consider ordering in bulk for gift giving. Continue to browse the aisles at Greek Gear to find every piece of car and general merchandise you'll anticipate needing for the upcoming school year.

Tau Beta Sigma Car Merchandise & License Plate FramesThe Greatest Selection. Period.