When you become a member make sure that everything that you write down is with one of these beautiful Sorority Pens, Pencils or Markers from GreekGear.com !

Why would you want to write with anything besides a pen or pencil decorated with your sorority letters, symbols and colors? That's what you get when you order a batch of our New Sorority Click Pens -- the group name is written on the side in cursive lettering with a polka dot pattern in the background. If you need pens to use at fun recruitment events and meet and greets, get the Multi Color Pen, which is imprinted with large bubble lettering that's hard to miss. Our Greek pencils come in packs of 25 and are the perfect addition to any small gift pack.

When you want to make a really good impression, have your Greek Pen & Card Case on hand. It's a matching set engraved with your sorority's letters and full name. Classy and professional! For school, make sure you have a Custom Printed Highlighter Pen or Triangle Hilighter for marking up your textbooks during those late night study sessions.

Write your story in style with Sorority Pens, Pencils and Markers from Greek Gear. Every time you and your chapter sisters reach for something to write with, it should be imprinted with your sorority insignia. Place an order today at a great price with low cost shipping!

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