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Sorority Note PadsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Keep one of these cute Sorority Notepads in every room of your chapter house. They come in handy when you need to write a quick note to one of your sisters or a list for the grocery store to pick up supplies for your next party.

How frustrating is it to reach for something to write on and nothing is ever handy! That's no longer a problem when you have a few Sorority Adhesive Sticky Note Memo Cubes on tables all around the chapter house and in your dorm room. It's a quick way to write a note to your roomie or sister. The Mascot Memo Cube is another style with an image of your official or unofficial symbol on each sheet.

For those longer notes, we have a larger Mascot Notepad (about the size of a half sheet of paper) that you can fold and seal with a pretty sticker. And if you like to keep a written list on your person for quick reference, order a few Peace Memo Pads. They're classic small flip pads that you can stuff in your back pocket or purse.

One thing you'll always need in school is plenty of stuff to write on, so order plenty of Sorority Note Pads, sheets of paper and more. The prices are just right to fit into your chapter supply or member gift budget!