Is the cold season approaching in your college town? It's a good thing that we have plenty of Sigma Pi Jackets and Outerwear available at, and at awesome deals. For the ultimate in cold weather protection, order the Challenger Jacket. There is an extra layer of protection under a Teklon nylon exterior, so you keep cold air out and warm body heat inside. There are plenty of pockets, so your cellphone can stay warm, dry and safe as well. Buy it in gold, steel (grey) or black. Before you click away, be sure to see the Varsity Crest Jacket. It's a throwback to the good old days of fraternity jackets -- it might be what the Sigma Pi members of the 50s and 60s wore on their campuses. The torso of the jacket is dark and the leather sleeves are white. This top quality heavyweight coat will be one that you have in your closet for decades, and maybe even pass on to a future member. Have a browse through our Sigma Pi Jackets and Outerwear to find something that you can reliably wear when the temperatures drop on your college campus. Factor in shipping time when planning the arrival of your new fraternity coats and jackets.

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