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Our Sigma Kappa Stationery, Pens and Pencils section is just one of over a dozen categories of sorority goods for your organization. This category is packed with maroon and lavender writing materials for you to use while in school.

You need all of your printer paper for your printer, and your loose leaf paper for your homework assignments. Write your personal notes and lists on one of the Mascot Notepads we sell for Sig Kap members. One has a striped background and a dove at the bottom while the other has lavender paper and a heart at the bottom corner of each page. Use the Chevron Sticky Note Memo Cube for putting small reminders around your dorm room.

Isn't it annoying when you look everywhere and can't find a pen? Order a set of cheap sorority pens with your group logo imprinted on the side. There's the New Pen for sorority members, the Retractable Stylus Pen and the Legacy Pen. All of them contain some element of Sigma Kappa sorority and all are very affordable.

Depending on how much writing you do in your spare time, you might find yourself on this page ordering more Sigma Kappa Stationery, Pens and Pencils every month. Pin us to the home screen on your smartphone.

Sigma Kappa Stationery, Pens & PencilsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Sigma Kappa New Pens
4 star rating1 review
As low as: $1.50
Sigma Kappa Business Card Holder
As low as: $17.00
Sigma Kappa Mascot Wooden Pen Set
As low as: $29.00
Sigma Kappa Striped Mousepads
As low as: $8.50
Sigma Kappa Mascot Keepsake Box
As low as: $25.00
Sigma Kappa Pencils
As low as: $0.90
Sigma Kappa Pencil Set(25)
As low as: $24.00
Sigma Kappa Mascot Sticky Notes
As low as: $4.50
Sigma Kappa Gold Notepads
As low as: $4.99
Sigma Kappa Sticky Tab Book!
As low as: $8.00

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