Sigma Sigma Sigma Signs & FlagsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

The more your potentials know about your sorority before they put in their formal letters of interest the better for everyone. They can learn a lot of important details by simply looking at your Sigma Sigma Sigma Flags, Signs and Banners.

When you've found a sign that you can display both at home and at your events, you've found a good sign to invest in. That's what you'll find when you customize the 3 x 5 Flag. The majority of the flag is covered with your letters and there's an image of the Tri Sigma crest in the background. Enter the chapter name and founding date, or an excerpt from your vision statement ("Empower women to change the world").

The ideal recruitment strategy involves making your presence known at every corner of your campus, from the chemistry hall to the dining halls. Bring your recruitment table to various locations and hang a Polka Dot Giant Flag on the front. It looks fun and welcoming -- just what you need when getting to know new girls.

Let the entire campus know that the faithful sisters of Tri Sigma are happy to welcome new potential members by displaying expressive, high quality Sigma Sigma Sigma Flags, Signs and Banners everywhere you go.