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These Sigma Pi Polos and Oxfords combine style with substance. A nice fitting button-down shirt featuring your organization's insignia with a sharp new pair of chinos for men perfection. If you're a polo guy, you'll love the Greek Letter and Emblem Polos we sell here. They are designed with short sleeves so that you can wear them comfortably in the spring and summer. Even in the fall, you can wear them with a long-sleeved cotton shirt underneath. And of course we also have an Emblem Long Sleeve. Wear them with the collar down or up -- whichever best fits your style. Combine the essence of one of the most popular sports out of England with good style by ordering a Lettered Rugby shirt. It closely resembles the classic rugby uniforms that players wear on the field. Order it in purple and white stripes or gray and black stripes for a neutral option. Type in one or two words that will be embroidered on the shirt beneath your letters. With the array of shirt choices on this page you can order enough Sigma Pi Polos and Oxfords to complete your wardrobe for the year. Stay tuned as our collection of shirts continues to grow.

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