Sigma Pi Hats & Face MasksThe Greatest Selection. Period.

A lot of guys opt for sports hats to advertise their favorite team. You can promote your favorite frat on your cap instead by wearing Sigma Pi Hats and Visors from Greek Gear. The more potential new members see you and your chapter brothers wearing your para, the more their interest grows. You can wear para every day when you have an assortment of hats at your disposal. Choosing hats here is like playing a roulette table -- there are a near infinite number of choices at your fingertips. We've taken the time to give you hat images in your fraternity colors, purple, white and gold, but they are just samples. There are colors ranging from white to black. Embroidered styles offer a long list of thread colors. For instance, if you like the World Famous Line Hat, you can get a gold hat with purple embroidered letters or a black hat with white letters. If you choose the Flatbill Snapback, you can even change the font style. Take advantage of every opportunity to display your letters and colors at college this year by ordering custom made Sigma Pi Hats and Visors. Wear them to class, to sporting events and the hottest parties on campus.