We're happy to be a top seller of practical fraternity merchandise for the men of Sigma Nu, including these popular Mugs, Cups and Glasses. They come in a nice selection of shapes, sizes and styles that you'll like.
When you have the right glass, every beverage tastes a little bit better. For instance, imagine having your morning glass of cold milk in the Ceramic Stein. It's a mug fit for a king with its gold trimming and large handle. The Sigma Nu crest decal appears on the front, encircled b your fraternity information. Or how about having a cup of hot tea in the Nations Coffee Mug with your name etched across the front?
For a Greek gift that's around $2 or $3, check out the Big Plastic and Nations Stadium Cups. Both display important Sigma Nu images and symbols with different color schemes. And for around $15 you can get the 12 oz Old Style Glass to put into your trophy case. You can have it personalized with a saying or message, like "Excelling with Honor."
10 years from now you'll probably open your kitchen cupboard and still see one of these Sigma Nu Mugs, Cups and Glasses sitting there. It's a good purchase that you'll be happy you made for years into the future.

Sigma Nu Mugs, Cups & GlassesThe Greatest Selection. Period.