Every time you and your Sigma Nu brothers get together for a really major event, you'll want to send everyone home with Formal and Party Favors. These will become valuable mementos that they'll hold near and dear.
Everyone loves a good party, and a good gift, like a really special glass. Get the Design Your Own 16 oz Mixing Glass as a parting gift for formal attendees. They can use it for mixing healthy drink concoctions in the morning or add it to a display case in their homes. There's also a smaller 13 oz Beverage Glass that could double as a small table vase for flowers or candy.
Another simple party favor is a special t-shirt. You've heard the saying "been there, done that, got the t-shirt." Get your party guests "the t-shirt" that will help them remember your special gathering. The bulk rates on our Design Your Own Greek T-Shirts are pretty amazing, so you can feel free to get more than enough. One idea is to throw free tees to a crowd full of party people as giveaways.
There are plenty of Sigma Nu Formal and Party Favor ideas to sort through here so take your time and find exactly what you need.

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