One of the most compelling reasons to buy Sigma Nu Desk and Office Items is the ability to personalize them. A gift with a personal touch is one that you'll want to hold onto forever.
Every time you look at the Marble Paperweight you'll remember your fraternity's principles of Love, Truth and Honor. Just have it engraved with your fraternity slogan, or a similar message that you've learned since becoming a member. The Keepsake Box that we sell also has a space at the bottom for a brief, meaningful message that you feel is importance. Or you can just type in your first and last name.
If you do a lot of traveling or networking that requires you to present your business card often, get the Sigma Nu Business Card Holder. An outline of your Greek Letters appears on the top, so when you pull it out a fellow member will instantly know that you're a brother. We also sell a Pen Set that has a wooden case and matching pen that features your SN coat of arms.
Order Sigma Nu Desk and Office Items today for prompt delivery to your dorm, home or office. These are one-of-a-kind products that will always be useful to members.

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