Part of your sorority experience will be handling business obligations related to your organization. Buy Sigma Lambda Gamma Shirts and Polos so that you'll always be appropriately dressed for the occasion.

You can bet that when the school semester restarts, there will be plenty of ladies interested in knowing more about how to be an SLG member. Let them know that you and your sisters are back on campus by wearing colorful recruitment shirts that are designed to grab plenty of attention.

If you're going to go Greek, Go Sigma Lambda Gamma! That's what the Go! Ladies T-Shirt says in bold pink letters. The Teach Me How to Ladies Tee is perfect for the later stages of picking new members when they're starting to learn more about the history of your organization and chapter. And if you're the chapter president, you have to make a good presentation at informationals and invitationals. Wear a purple Crest Long Sleeve Oxford when you're representing your chapter at these important events.

You and your fellow hermanas can rely on a Greek Gear to provide you with an array of clothing options, including these Sigma Lambda Gamma Shirts and Polos. There are plenty of shocking pink and majestic purple para options at your fingertips.

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