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Sigma Lambda Gamma Infinity Ring
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Sigma Lambda Gamma Heart Pendant
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We have the greatest selection of Greek Gear for sorority members, and that includes Jewelry and Lavalieres for Sigma Lambda Gamma members. A few of our styles are accented with stones that match your sorority colors.

College is one of those unique times of your life when you'll come across hundreds of people in the course of an average day on campus. That's why it's important to dress to impress. One impressive piece of jewelry to wear is a well-appointed watch, like the Chevron Watch. It's decorated with a shocking pink and majestic purple design with stone accents circling the face. It has a silicone watch band -- beautiful and casual.

For a really nice necklace that you'll be proud to wear everywhere on campus, see the Sigma Lambda Gamma Sterling Silver Lavaliere Pendant. It has a dazzling Swarovski crystal at the top that looks shockingly pink. For a more understated but equally gorgeous necklace, order the Heart Pendant. Both of these charms feature your SLG Greek letters.

The quality and beauty of the Sigma Lambda Gamma Jewelry and Lavalieres we sell makes them a great value for customers. For more jewelry ideas, click the "Shop Now" button toward the end of the page.