Your friends and sisters will love what you've done with the place when you fill your dorm room with Sigma Lambda Gamma Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods. The décor options range from fun to traditional.

You're already the best dressed on campus, thanks in part to Greek Gear's selection of sorority clothing. Now start working on dressing up your dorm room. One of the quickest ways to let everyone know that a proud sorority girl lives there is to hang wall décor that features your sorority images. The Afghan Blanket Throw will do the job. It includes the sorority crest and letters in shades of maroon.

You can definitely relate to the message imprinted on the Wooden Plaque. It's painted purple with pink lettering and boldly declares “Live It, Love It," referring to your sorority. We also sell two different types of pillowcases for Gammas, including one that features a heart shaped compilation of love messages (So in Love) and another with purple and pink hearts.

Add beautiful pink and purple accents to your home decor with Sigma Lambda Gamma Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods. Keep in mind that we also sell sorority picture frames for your wall, desk and nightstand.

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