Sigma Lambda Gamma Alumna, Graduation Stoles & GiftsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Your membership in Sigma Lambda Gamma sorority is a lifelong commitment. Our Alumna and Graduation Gifts will help keep the memories of undergrad life fresh on your mind.

Your graduating seniors will want something that will keep them connected to your chapter at school. One simple idea is to gift them Alumna Tee Shirts. These screenprinted short sleeved t-shirts identify the sorority by its letters along with the title "Alumna" in a capitalized font. You can get the same screenprinted style in a long-sleeved sweatshirt or hoodie.

If the person you're shopping for will be sitting in front of a desk regularly as a part of her job, buy her an Alumna Wooden Pen Set. That way she won't have to look far to find a pen when she's signing contracts, work orders and checks. If you get her the Alumna Treasure Box she'll always be reminded of her sorority days, thanks to the photo slot on the top. Pick a photo with her line sisters or her little and big sis.

Graduation day will be here soon. Be prepared for this momentous occasion by ordering a special present from our selection of Sigma Lambda Gamma Alumna and Graduation Gifts.