Sigma Lambda Beta Signs & FlagsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Let Greek Gear be the place where you stock up on top quality paraphernalia for the many fraternity events you have planned as a member of your Sigma Lambda Beta chapter. That includes signs and flags that you can customize to your liking.

So, you landed here at Greek Gear, which may be a sign from the Universe that it's time to order some new promotional items for you and your chapter. Our Sigma Lambda Beta signs and flags have different looks, but they are equally valuable when it comes to publicizing your events. They will give you a professional presentation when you're setting up a table at a meet and greet with interests, or decorating for a charity luncheon.

A must-have flag for your chapter is the Custom Line Flag. It's brightly colored and identifies your Greek letters in a large white font. Add important information to the purple flag, such as a momentous date or part of your motto ("...Wisdom for Culture"). You can expect to roll out the flag for many years, making it a solid investment for your chapter.

You can find quality signs and flags from hanging at college campuses all over the country. Only the best for our customers! Let us help you promote your chapter of Sigma Lambda Beta with personalized paraphernalia.