Sigma Lambda Beta PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

You might find it hard to stop yourself from adding a Sigma Lambda Beta Paddle to your Greek Gear shopping bag today. Think about how great one will look in your dorm or on display at your next big party.

You're finally that guy. That guy who doesn't mind buying top quality Greek paraphernalia for your collection. Luckily you won't have to spend a lot on these specialty wooden paddles for Sigma Lambda Beta members. You can get something really nice for about $30, like the Old School Wood Greek Paddle or Deluxe Paddle. Wood finish options include natural, walnut, and cherry.

Some members like to hang their paddles on the wall while others put them in the back window of their cars for everyone to see. No matter where you decide to put your custom fraternity wooden paddle it will be noticed and highly regarded. After recruitment season is complete, give your little brother or spec one of his own. It's a gift that he won't ever forget.

Our wooden fraternity paddles for Lambda Betas are sort of like snowflakes -- they are all different in some way thanks to the customization options available. Choose one from our catalog today and put your mark on it.