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Our Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity T-Shirts will help you spark off your recruitment efforts the right way this upcoming fall. The more of your members are seen walking around campus wearing Greek lettered t-shirts, the better. It's an easy way to raise your profile at school and inspire conversations with potential new interests.

It's always t-shirt time here at Greek Gear, as you can clearly see from viewing this page for Sigma Lambda Beta members. We have long-sleeves and short sleeves in a wide range of colors and styles. For a basic tee that's affordable and impactful, scroll down and add the Lettered Tee to your shopping bag. Your letter colors are purple with a bright white border. When ordered in purple, there's no way anyone will be able to miss seeing your Greek letters. Add a matching long-sleeve to your cart as well.

You and your crew will be expected at all the hottest Greek parties and meetups this spring, so make sure both you and your wardrobe are prepared. Create a collection of your favorite tees from this section so you won't have to worry about waiting for laundry day when Thursday night rolls around.

During recruitment season, it seems as if there's a new Greek event to attend just about every day. Be prepared for everything that you and your group have planned by ordering Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity t-shirts in every color you desire.