Going Greek has its advantages. One is that you're now free to represent your organization publicly with fraternity merchandise. Even if you're on a budget, you can find tons of great, inexpensive para to buy at Greek Gear including Sigma Lambda Beta Fraternity Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames.

Do you still have the car dealership's license plate frame on your car? It's time to stop advertising for them and start promoting your fraternity instead by buying a Custom License Plate Frame. Get a white one with purple text for the front of your vehicle, and a purple one with white text for the back. You have control over what the bottom text will say (such as "Hello" in front, and "Goodbye" in back).

If you think about it, most if not all the items in this car section for Lambda Betas can also be put on display in your home, dorm, or office. For instance, you could hang a lettered license cover on the front of your laundry basket or at the end of your bed.

As a newly initiated member of Sigma Lambda Beta fraternity you finally have your "license to drive" with Greek paraphernalia on your car. Make it count! Order new white and purple license plate frames and car merchandise today.

Sigma Lambda Beta Car Merchandise & License Plate FramesThe Greatest Selection. Period.