Sigma Kappa Christmas Ornaments & GiftsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Silver bells, reindeer, poinsettia and stockings (hopefully not full of coal). Combine all of the classic holiday themes into your Christmas decor this year with the help of Sigma Kappa Ornaments and Gifts from Greek Gear.

There's so much to celebrate around Christmastime when you're in a sorority. You have a wonderful group of new members with you, there are dinners to throw and plenty of shopping to do. What better way to show how happy and thankful you are for the year behind you than to decorate a new Christmas tree from scratch.

It doesn't matter if you have a small tabletop tree or a large for that could win a competition. It will look amazing when you decorate it with glass sorority ornaments. Check out the Sigma Kappa Glass Bell Ornament and the Holiday Glass Ornament. For color and personality, put a few Porcelain Ornament Snowballs and Snowflakes to the tree as well. When you're done with the tree, put on a World Famous Christmas Garland Tee and enjoy some eggnog with your sisters.

Why not plan a little holiday party at your house before everyone goes away for break? Start off by filling your den or main room with Sigma Kappa Christmas Ornaments and small gifts for you and your sisters.