The best gifts are sometimes the smallest and most inexpensive ones. These Sigma Gamma Rho Stickers and Decals are very popular gifts for SGRho neos who are eager to get started decorating their things with sorority paraphernalia.

Your laptop is just another portable computer until you cover it with pretty blue and gold stickers -- then and only then it's truly fit for a dedicated SGRho member! There are a few different stickers to look at, including the Round 4" Bumper Sticker and the Mascot Round Decal. The blue and gold oval-shaped I Love Sigma Gamma Rho Sorority Sticker has a total of seven hearts, which could represent your seven founders.

If you carry a memo pad or journal everywhere you go, order a Well-Balanced Round Decal to personalize it. It's a symbol that could represent your balance between sorority, school, work and social life. If you like floral designs, choose the Floral Greek Monogram Sticker for your journal instead.

The more Sigma Gamma Rho Stickers and Decals you buy, the more para you'll have in your dorm -- even your furniture can be adorned with images and symbols of Greekdom. Be sure to check out the "Awesome Deals" and "Sale Items and Closeouts" sections before you check out from our online store.

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