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Sigma Delta Tau Umbrellas & Outdoor ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

If you're planning a big outdoor bash to celebrate your sorority's founding day or week soon, order some of these eye-catching blue Sigma Delta Tau Recreational and Seasonal Items to add to your day of fun.

You know that the first thing people want to do when there's an outdoor party is pull up a table and start a game of cards. Set aside a table for dedicated card players and put a Poker Set at the center. It contains everything needed for your favorite card games -- even chips for winners. If you want to encourage your guests to put all their trash in the can, set up a Mini Basketball Hoop above it. Easy game and easy clean up after the day is over.

Can't stand the rain? Well you might not be able to stop it from raining on your parade, but you can protect yourself by having a sorority umbrella with you at all times. It's useful for both wet and sunny days. We sell a Greek Lettered Umbrella and one that's imprinted with an image of your sorority crest.

Your calendar is probably full to the brim with events that you and your sorority sisters have planned. Make it a point to have plenty of Sigma Delta Tau Recreational and Seasonal Items on hand.