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There are a few things that every student in college needs to buy brand new when they get to campus. Pajamas, Towels & Robes are on that list. The home items in this section are specifically set aside for Sigma Delta Tau sorority sisters.

Dry off each morning with a towel that's almost completely covered with Sigma Delta Tau insignia: the Love, Bath and Beach Towel. In addition to your Greek letters, red hearts that look like kisses are sprinkled throughout the design. At the bottom you can enter the name of your chapter, university or a date that means something to you.

A robe is a way to transition either into your school clothes or out of them. Compare the Sigma Delta Tau Patch Crest Patch Bathrobe with the Greek Letter robe to decide which one you prefer. If you choose the latter one, you decide on the text thread color for your embroidered letters. Metallic silver and gold threading is available.

Pajamas, Towels and Robes are not items that you want to share or borrow. Get your very own set designed with Sigma Delta Tau insignia. We also sell sorority slippers and flip flops you can wear in the shower.