Sigma Chi Car Merchandise & License PlatesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Before you take your car or truck out for the next big road trip with your brothers and friends, order Sigma Chi Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames. That way you'll be sure to get the attention of other Greeks along the way.

The Custom License Plate Frame is probably the most ordered item from this section. It fits right over an average license plate from any state -- you decide on what will appear along with your Greek letters. There's also a Lettered License Cover for the front of your car or truck in place of the dealer's plate that may have been there since you bought your vehicle.

If you want a car decal that will light up your Greek letters at night, get the Light Up Power Decal. It's a circular decal with your letters at the center in gold with a blue border that turns on when you get into your car or truck, and shuts off minutes after you get out. This is the item to get if you really want to show your fraternity pride during the day and at night.

Like the dorm room or apartment where you live, your car should be an extension of what matters the most to you. Get Sigma Chi Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames to add to the front, back and interior of your vehicle.