Sigma Alpha Mu PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

There's something about a wood carved gift that's special and memorable. That's why our Sigma Alpha Mu Paddles and Picture Frames are among our best selling items at Greek Gear.

Giving a big brother a gift of a paddle is a time-honored tradition that is cherished in many Greek chapters across the country. There's permanence in a paddle -- ten or 20 years into the future it will still look beautiful and polished. If you're a little brother buying for a big, get him a Deluxe Paddle. There's a special place for big and little brother names, as well as the semester and year.

You might decide to go for a full color paddle that will look great hanging on a contrasting wall. The Custom Full Color Paddle is a 22 inch tall paddle that offers three lines of personalization. Your SAM Greek letters appear in a vertical pattern in purple, white, then purple again with an attractive background design. If you prefer to create a paddle that's no one else has, click the Design Your Own Custom Greek Paddle link.

When your recipient receives his Sigma Alpha Mu Paddle or Picture Frame in the mail, he'll cherish and preserve this gift for years to come. Chapters: if you're buying for a new group of initiates, take advantage of our quantity discounts on some items.