Sigma Alpha Mu Car Merchandise & License Plate FramesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Your car is an important part of your life. Consider the number of hours that you spend driving during the average week. Now picture driving all of those hours with Sigma Alpha Mu Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames on your vehicle.

Whether you drive a Corolla or a BMW, your car is your baby and deserves the full Sammy treatment. Start by getting a few stickers and decals to place strategically throughout your vehicle. Click the Stickers and Decal s link for a full selection, like the Window Sticker Decal for your driver side window, or the Euro Decal Oval Sticker, which would look good on your dashboard. Don't forget the Long Window Decal for the back.

Next, secure a Sigma Alpha Mu Chrome License Plate Frame to the back and front of your car. The inside panel is purple with white lettering (Greek letters and full organization name). If you want to pick the message that will appear on the bottom panel, get the Custom License Plate Frame instead. Finally, put our personalized Car Mats on the floor of the driver and passenger sides of your car or truck.

There are countless Sigma Alpha Mu men driving on the road right now with Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames on their cars. Join them, and be sure to check out the other items we have available for Sammy members.