Sigma Alpha JacketsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Let the whole campus see you wearing new Sigma Alpha Jackets, Sportswear and Outerwear this fall. Colors are available that will make it clear to the world that you're a proud member of the "women excelling in agriculture."

It's not often that you'll find such an extensive collection of outerwear made just for sorority members. For instance, there's the Sigma Alpha Greek Letter Anorak that's the ideal protection from the rain and wind. The Force Training Top is the perfect thing to wear over your tank top when you're running or walking the trails -- it amply covers both your arms and neck.

In the spring when the temperature is around 60 degrees and breezy, the Pack-N-Go Pullover will be the perfect jacket to wear. Unlike a standard nylon Anorak, it doesn't have that inner lining, so it will keep your cool and dry. The White Cloud Vest is the best choice if you really want to keep your torso covered and warm. Wear it with a green or gold long-sleeved tee from the "T-Shirts" section.

Gear up for the Great Outdoors this autumn by buying Sigma Alpha Jackets, Sportswear and Outerwear for school. With this gear you can stay active no matter the season or weather.