The more time you spent outdoors, the more the Sigma Alpha Flip Flops, Boots and other products in this section will be of value to you. We have your feet covered for every season or reason.

What is your favorite weekend activity? Is it sitting on the porch with friends shooting the breeze or getting down and dirty in your neighborhood garden? In either case, go out to enjoy your activity of choice in a pair of Sigma Alpha Mascot Color Flip Flops. They are made with green accents that are reflective of your sorority colors and symbols. They're easy to slide on and off when you're in a hurry -- just keep them by your dorm room door.

Greek Gear also sells a few specialty items for you to wear in the colder seasons, like the Sigma Alpha New Englander Boot Socks. They are tall thick socks that come in four attractive colors (including aqua and black). You can pair them up with the Brooklyn Boots that we sell for sorority members. We'll monogram your SA letters into the side of each boot using an elaborate font style.

These Sigma Alpha Flip Flops and Slippers are premium products, yet they don't have premium price tags! Order a pair or two today for prompt shipping to your dorm.

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