Stickers and Decals don't seem like much when they're on a sheet of paper, but when you add them to the things that you use every day you realize their actual value. It's an easy way to show your Sigma Alpha Epsilon pride in a small but significant way.
Every new member should ideally receive a Multi Greek Decal Sticker sheet as an initial gift. All they have to do is pick a sticker for each of their most important every day items, including notebooks, smartphones, readers, iPads and folders. The Euro Decal is the ideal sticker for your fraternity portfolio, sized at 6 inches wide and 3.75 inches tall. They're laminated so that they'll last long.
Your oil change reminder sticker shouldn't be the only one you have on your vehicle. Get a Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal for the outside window of the passenger or driver's side of your car. For your back window, pick up an SAE Long Window Decal -- it's mirrored so that you can put it on the inside of your car and display the fraternity's name to others on the road.
Sigma Alpha Epsilon Stickers and Decals are among the best gifts you can get here for under $10 (some for under $5) so stock up and get plenty. Check out our SAE car and truck merchandise as well.

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