Your dorm room is your home for the time being, so why not go all out and decorate it with Sigma Alpha Epsilon Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods. We have an assortment of goods in shades of purple and gold for you to browse through.
Check out the two Afghan Blanket Throws we have for sale -- one is purple with gold Greek letters at the center and one has a light colored background and a purple and gold crest at the center. They can be hung up on the wall for dicor, or thrown across a sofa or love seat. There's an option for additional personalization, so add your chapter info, founding year or the date you became a member.
We also carry two types of blankets -- the portable Sweatshirt Blanket and the Huge Laser Blanket for your bed. Both come in purple and are embossed with your fraternity crest inside of a circle that contains your founding year. Your blanket won't get lost in the laundry if you put your name on it. Other useful home goods include the Light Switch Cover and the Welcome Mat for your front door.
You may be surprised at the extensive selection of items we have in our catalog for Sigma Alpha Epsilon members, including these Blankets, Pillows and Home Goods. You may decide that it's better to shop here compared to your local dept. store!

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