Sigma Gamma Rho SportswearThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Maintaining your physical fitness will help you in all facets of your college life. Invest in Sigma Gamma Rho Sportswear and athletic gear to wear when you're in workout mode.

Be the sportiest Sigma lady on your campus by ordering sorority sportswear for every activity you have in mind. For instance, get a pair of Sigma Rho Shorts to wear when you're sprinting around the track in the morning. They come in gray (as shown), white and royal blue. These cool cotton shorts will go perfectly with one of the Tank Top styles we sell for SGRhos, including the Name Only, Oval and Name/Letters tops.

Go to your next Zumba class ready to dance in a Swoosh Raglan style t-shirt and a pair of spandex leggings for sorority members. Every time you look at this outfit you'll be reminded of how much you love those classes. We even have an old-school Sorority Fanny Pack that you can wear instead of bringing a bag.

Cardiovascular activity and general exercise can be a natural source of energy. So right before you start studying, put on your Sigma Gamma Rho Sportswear and take a run or go to the gym to blow off some steam.